Health Data & Food Info

I’ve eaten the same thing every day since 2015 and it still makes me happy.

My food lifestyle focuses primarily on minimizing inflammation which I measure with regular blood tests. A host of studies link inflammation with big problems such as depression, chronic disease, cancer and early death. Recently a number of studies have found the only common link between those living longer than 100 years is a pattern of low inflammation readings. It pays to focus on this.

None of this started intentionally nor was I as focused on food science then. I 2015 I wanted to feel and look better. So I started to eat less things that made me feel bad and more things that made me feel good. During my no drinking experiment I took my first blood test and discovered my inflammation markers.

From there my lifestyle turned into a science which, while complex on the surface, is actually quite simple in practice.

My definition of clean eating could be described as Paleo+. See the food rules below for more. 


W I eat and how I eat
How I train
How it worked (weight/body data)
my blood

Note: I quit drinking for a 30-day blood test experiment in Sep 2015. At the end I felt so good that I didn’t start again. I do have a bad ass home bar, though, mostly stocked from Mouth (investment). 

I no longer require medication for anxiety / depression or high blood pressure.

(* = recently updated)


What I Eat + How I Eat + Historical Changes
I’ve been evolving this since March 2015. Updated Jan 2017. This is my life bible.

MyFitnessPal Food Tracking
Daily data starting in March 2015. 

Strength Training

Current Routine & Past Logs
Feb 2017. My current routine is a bit all over the place. I am active everyday either surfing, lifting or climbing. the rigidity of my strength training plan was necessary when I first started as an unhealthy, overweight mess. As a person with a healthy lifestyle I can now afford to be casual.

Body Composition

Weight & Body Composition Tracking Spreadsheet

Blood Testing and System Health

Blood Testing Records and Logs
I use WellnessFX (via Quest Diagnosics local centers) to conduct quarterly comprehensive blood tests. The Performance Test requires 16 vials of blood and tests every aspect of my system.