I’ve eaten mostly the same thing every day since 2015 and it still makes me happy.

My food lifestyle focuses primarily on minimizing inflammation, maximizing longevity and eliminating depression. I measure a host of markers with regular blood tests.

An increasing number of studies link inflammation with big problems such as depression, chronic disease, cancer and early death. Recently a number of studies have found the only common link between those living longer than 100 years is a pattern of low inflammation markers. It pays to focus on inflammation.

None of this started intentionally nor was I as focused on food science then. I 2015 I wanted to feel and look better. So I started to eat less things that made me feel bad and more things that made me feel good. During my no drinking experiment, I took my first blood test and discovered high inflammation markers.

From there my lifestyle turned into an obsessive science which, while complex on the surface, is actually quite simple in practice.

In September 2015 I quit drinking for a 30-day blood test experiment. At the end of the month, I felt so good that I didn’t start again.

I no longer require medication for anxiety, depression or high blood pressure (all of which I was on at age 32). My body fat is consistently below 15%. And I’m really really happy.

My definition of clean eating could be described as a ketogenic Paleo+. See the food rules below for more. Background on how I feel about “diets” and eating at restaurants is best understood in an email I wrote to a friend a few years ago.

My Food Lifestyle

I’ve been evolving this since March 2015. Updated Jan 2020. This is my life bible.

Current Supplement Situation
Strength and Fitness Exercise Routine

My primary objective is maximizing longevity so I focus on strength, stability and mobility. I strength train four days a week and blend tabata finishers with off-day Zone 2 cardio. In a good week I’ll do roughly three hours of Zone 2 spread across a number of days through rowing, running and other stuff.

Weight & Body Composition Tracking Spreadsheet
Blood Testing Records and Logs

I use WellnessFX (via Quest Diagnosics local centers) to conduct quarterly comprehensive blood tests. The Performance Test requires 16 vials of blood and tests every aspect of my system.

DEXA Scan Logs