About Zach


Hi. My name is Zach Ware. I was raised on a farm in the South and now live in Las Vegas. I’m obsessed with fitness, healthy eating and scientific body tracking. I’ve eaten the same thing since early-2015.

This is what I’m working on /now.

My journey seems disjointed at first glance but all of my professional experiences are linked by a common bond of building intuitive things that solve misunderstood problems. I’ve built campuses, buildings, companies, websites, hardware systems and more. I live for the journey.

I like to think of my work as a reluctant VC. Our firm, VTF Capital, exists to help entrepreneurs build long-term companies that solve system-level problems. 

We do that by investing capital ($48M under management) and working in the trenches with companies we advise. We are primarily focused on the commerce technology, digital brand and pre-consumer logistics space. We are nerds.

Some of our more than 110 investments include Thrive MarketMinistry of SupplyMizzen + MainTrue & CoWithMeGeneral AssemblyBanjoKarma and littlebits



Speaking and media bio can be found here.