Kevin Kelly on being late

Kevin Kelly is a fascinating figure. His work and how he organizes his life always inspires me.

I’m almost finished with his newest book, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future. So far I recommend it. I’ll share notes when I finish.

The internet surfaced something he said in a recent seminar at with The Long Now Foundation.

I think it bears repeating over and over again. Our world is a stream of information. These undistilled bits naturally push us to compare ourselves to others. We measure ourselves by external markers. And we conclude that we suck.

What potential greatness do we banish to oblivion when we wrongly assume that we’ve missed our opportunity?

Remember this:

We are at the beginning of the beginning — the first hour of day one. There have never been more opportunities. The greatest products of the next 25 years have not been invented yet.

You‘re not late.

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