Zach Ware

_Primary-ZachWare_EWP-4Hi. My name is Zach Ware. I was raised on a farm in the South and now live in Las Vegas. I’m obsessed with fitness, healthy eating and scientific body tracking.

This is how I think about business. I obsess over optimizing my nutrition and fitness based on science. I occasionally write. This is what I’m working on /now.

Occasionally I invest in cool companies but mostly I do it with VegasTechFund.

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I’m the founding Managing Partner of VegasTechFund, a seed stage venture fund investing in the future of retail and commerce. Some of our more than 110 investments include Thrive Market, Ministry of Supply, Mizzen + Main, True & Co, WithMe, General Assembly, Banjo, Karma and littlebits. My partners include Tony Hsieh, Fred Mossler and Will Young. VegasTechFund is not directly affiliated with Zappos or Downtown Project.

Our initial work was focused solely on investing in startups in Las Vegas and over time branched out to a point where today 75% of our investments based outside of Las Vegas. Today our focus is investing in mission-driven companies leveraging technology to build and distribute products to consumers and small businesses. Take a look at our investments.


I started my career in the speciality food distribution world later moving into manufacturing and supply chain before leading the web business for The Republic of Tea. In 2010 I joined as Head of Product.

In 2011 our CEO Tony Hsieh asked me to leave technology to help with the company’s relocation to downtown Las Vegas. My focus included leading redevelopment of Las Vegas’ former City Hall as Zappos’ new LEED Gold HQ (take a tour). I left Zappos in 2013.

While at Zappos and after, I helped launch and led various areas of Downtown Project, Tony Hsieh’s personal initiative to redevelop downtown Las Vegas and co-founded VegasTechFund where I am still Managing Partner. I gave a talk about our initial vision at Google in 2013.

I worked on both while at Zappos but left Zappos in 2013 to focus on continuing that work and launching SHIFT, a huge transportation company that nearly killed me. I shut it down in 2015.

What I’m Doing Now

Professionally I manage VegasTechFund where we’ve made over 110 investments. Our team is deeply engaged with our companies. They will change the way things enter your life.

We are all more than our job titles. Check out what I’m doing now or say hi on Twitter or (just check out what I’m doing now first).

Zach Ware is the Managing Partner of VegasTechFund. He was formerly Head of Product at and separately led development of its downtown Las Vegas HQ. He was the founder and CEO of SHIFT. He is obsessed with fitness and healthy eating and hates running.