What I’m Doing Now

I split my time between Los Angeles (Venice) and Las Vegas (downtown). I travel ~25% of the time.

I say no to all requests that aren’t on this list and aren’t a hell yeah!

This page was updated Feb 1, 2017.

This is what I’m doing now:
in order of time spent, not necessarily priority

  • Working on internal projects and development related to VTF Capital’s next ten years, this involves a fair amount of travel.
  • Deep learning and reading about the companies and macro and micro trends in the consumer retail industry.
  • Working with the brilliant leaders at the VTF Capital companies I support. 1
  • Experimenting with a less regimented, but daily physical activity regimen involving sport climbing, sessions with a functional fitness trainer and surfing/paddleboarding.
  • Reading to exceed my goal of 52 books in 2017.
  • Taking a Mandarin class and doing focused out-of-class studying.
  • Getting to know the entrepreneurs and companies that match our fund’s evolving focus on slow growth, strong brands. 2

Generally I am experimenting with less quantity meetings so as to leave slack in the system for learning and for deeper connections to form. This means I say no more than normal and when I do meet people, meetings are longer.

Feel free to email me about one of the above topics. Unfortunately I will say no to and may not respond to messages that aren’t about the above.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now project. I had my one of my biggest nerd fanboy moments when I found out I was a testimonial on his site.

1 Most of my active company engagement time is focused on Stedi, Arka, Thrive Market, Ice, SurfAir, Ministry, Bungalow Clothing, Galvanize, Bow & Drape and The Renewal Workshop
2 I am currently focused mostly on projects relating to the long-term future of our firm and not on meeting about potential investments. My partner Will is more focused on the reverse as we are still very much investing.