What I’m Doing Now

This page was updated May 1, 2017. (The first version was May 2015!)

I spend most of my time Los Angeles (Venice). I travel ~30% of the time.

I accidentally took a complete break from Twitter, Facebook and news websites in April and haven’t been back yet, at all. Unfairly, I still post to Twitter via Buffer. That makes me a hypocrite.

This is what I’m doing now:
in order of time spent, not necessarily priority

  • Doing work around the theme of building, acquiring and making long-term investments in authenticity-driven, high cash flow, fundamentals-focused product brands that make high-quality, lasting products. (This is via VTF Capital and other organizations.) 2
  • Supporting and hustling for the leaders behind VTF Capital’s past venture investments. 1
  • Reading, lots and lots of reading. Specifically in the areas of psychology, history, biographies and science.
  • Building and refining my core principles.
  • Full-body strength training 3x/week along with my weird food lifestyle.
  • Surfing, paddleboarding, rock climbing, diving or something similarly physical on strength training off-days.
  • Learning to freedive and spearfish.
  • Being a hypocrite and posting to Twitter but not using it.

Feel free to email me about one of the above topics. Unfortunately I may not be able to respond to messages that aren’t about the above.

Why This Page Exists
I try to leave slack in the system to allow for more learning, more serendipity and for deeper connections to form. Great meetings can run longer, I can say yes to interesting things that come up randomly, I can keep working on something if I get into a flow state, etc..

Because of my tendency to say yes to everything I use this list as a precautionary rule so as to avoid situations where I am likely to violate my primary rule of focusing on my priorities, thus reducing slack.

In evaluating adding anything to my life, I try to prioritize choices that optimize for:

  • Low signal/noise ratio
  • Low dependence on non-critical external validation
  • Maximum location and time autonomy
  • Minimal dependence on outside resources
  • Minimal dependence on a single thing (job, project, etc.)

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now project. I had my one of my biggest nerd fanboy moments when I found out I was a testimonial on his site.

1 Thrive Market, Ice.com, General Assembly, Asana, SurfAir, Ministry of Supply, Stedi, Arka, ReturnBase, Adquick, Arylla, Bungalow Clothing, Galvanize, WithMe, Bow & Drape, AnyPerk, Skillshare.
2 VTF Capital is still actively investing from our seed-focused venture funds, led by my partner Will. I am focused on non-venture projects related to our long-term plans and am not meeting with new potential venture investments at this time.