What I’m Doing Now

I live and work in Austin, TX, sometimes in Whitefish, Montana (there through September).

This is what I’m doing now. This is what I prioritize at the expense of all other demands.
in order of time spent, not necessarily priority.

  • Building Freehouse Companies where we acquire cash-flow generating physical service businesses, often family-owned, to hold permanently–investing in employees, systems and technology to grow them over the long-term without destroying the magic that the family owners created.
  • Training with Central Athlete including resistance four days/week + conditioning two days/week. Couple with some yoga, gravel biking and and rowing (sometimes on the river). Recovering with infrared sauna and cold plunge as much as possible.
  • Writing. For myself and my newsletter…more to cultivate clarity of thinking than to build a following.
  • Deeply interested in philosophy all the sudden, specifically the questions of personal philosophy, doing a lot of reading in that realm.
  • Building rituals with my close friends to help us stay connected. My rule is to do something with friends every single day.
  • Reading. Lots and lots of reading.
  • Supporting and hustling for the leaders behind my personal investments and VTF Capital’s past venture investments. (Neither VTF Capital nor I are making new investments right now).

Feel free to email me at zw at zgware.com about one of the above topics. Unfortunately, I am unlikely to respond to messages that aren’t about the above.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now. I had my one of my biggest nerd fanboy moments when I found out I was a testimonial on his site.

This page was updated Nov 3, 2020. (The first version was May 2015!) See this page’s history on Github.