Book Notes – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Amazon Link Notes from Audiobook listening: Keystone habits are things like a regular gym routine. Around that, if executed well, healthy eating, less smoking, less drinking occur. YMCA example of discovering that the most powerful element of stickiness to a healthy exercise routine was feeling that the gym was a place you saw friends. YMCA …

The Paleo Manifesto by John Durant

This book has nothing to do with the Paleo diet. It will teach you about our bodies’ history of consuming food, how sun exposure effects micronutrient production, how industrial food interacts with our systems and so much more. This book kicked off what has now become a life obsession with the science of food and led to a 30-pound weight drop for me.

I buy this book routinely for friends.

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Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers is someone I respect. He has a talent for distilling ideas into short, pithy statements. He inspired me to create my /now page. This book sounds like self-help by its title but it’s actually a historical perspective of his journey building CD Baby, told in tiny little stories. It’s hilarious and straight to the point. Each chapter takes about 2-3 min to r

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