An interesting left turn

Most of the amazing outcomes in my personal and professional life have come when I favor an interesting path over a sensible one and most of my regrets can be traced to times I did the opposite. Not surprisingly, the interesting things turn out to be more sensible in retrospect. This principle recently steered me towards a hard left turn and I wanted to share an update about it.

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According to Facebook a lot has happened since I last logged into Facebook. Strangely, I feel fine. On a random Sunday a few months ago I decided to break a habit loop checking Twitter and Facebook obsessively. I had some deep thinking to do that day so I wanted to stay away from distractions. The next day for the next two …

Clayton Christensen Profile in The New Yorker

The New Yorker has a great profile of Clayton Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dillemma. I’m not sure when it came out, like many things it may have been sitting in my Instapaper queue for a long time. It’s long. I read it over a solo dinner recently. Christensen is a fascinating human, full of contradictions. I particularly loved …

V for Wikipedia

After a great week in London working with our investment partners I decided to take a week to putz around Europe. After all, what are airline miles for? When I travel I like to explore random places and off the beaten path restaurants. Atlas Obscura once led me to a donkey refuge in Palo Alto …

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