Seth Godin Q&A from Tim Ferriss Podcast Notes

Seth Godin is among my favorite thinkers. He has a way of whittling down subjects to their critical essence. He cuts the bullshit with a very sharp knife. He recently did a Seth-only recording of answers to listener questions from his first podcast interview with Tim which I’ve listened to repeatedly. I thought these notes might be helpful […]

Off-Price Retail

From The Off-Price Market Is Switched On, Apparel News He also estimated that in the last two decades the competition has driven down the price for off-price goods. Goods are at least $2 to $3 cheaper today compared to the 1990s. In any race to the bottom there is a bottom…. I study the role discounting, […]


Last week I was traveling in Boston to spend time with two of our portfolio startups. I spend a fair amount of time with Ministry of Supply. It’s one of our key investments but more than that, I always feel smarter after a day with their team so I jump at the chance to work […]

We are responsible for our fate.

For the first time in my life I’m conflicted about the prospects for the future. I’ve always felt that sanity could overcome hype. Or least contain the impact. In news, election and business cycles there are two types of data: undistilled and distilled. The interconnectedness of today’s world means the ratio of undistilled to distilled information is rising. […]

Book Notes – Fooled By Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Amazon Link Read Jan 2016. Review June 2016. This review is late. I incorrectly assumed I wrote down my thoughts on this book some time ago. I can’t believe I didn’t. It’s not as thoughtful a review as I would like to write. The information has had time to distill. I listened to this as […]