SaaS Lifespans

This was part of an internal discussion about advice to give a SaaS company that I felt worth sharing.  There is a limited lifespan for microservices built with an outside platform dependency. The fragility of these businesses cannot be overstated. They need 1) market mechanics that favor the need for the tool and 2) deficiency in the […]

Hardcore History

Recently I’ve been enjoying the Hardcore History podcast from Dan Carlin. It’s an odd podcast as each episode averages 3-4 hours. Each episode is the equivalent of a short audiobook. I listen to spoken word when driving and at the gym. Often books. But my compulsive need to highlight passages and take notes when listening to audiobooks via Kindle is incompatible […]


I’m en route to spend a week with startups in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (the country not the state). I was invited to join a group from Silicon Valley by friend I’ve wanted to collaborate with for a while. Through the week I’ll be working with Tbilisi entrepreneurs. I’ll also be getting to know Georgia, […]