A Transition

Today I sent this email to my fellow managers at Zappos.com.

Hi everyone,

Recently I decided to leave Zappos as a full-time employee but remain with the Company as a contractor focused on completing and opening Zappos’ new HQ at the former Las Vegas City Hall. Leaving the comfort of the Zappos nest was not an easy decision but it makes sense and I’d like to share why.

Since I joined Tony in 2011 to focus on developing our campus, I’ve viewed my work for Zappos and other organizations as completely interlinked. And as you might know, over the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of projects outside of my direct work at Zappos, all focused on transforming downtown Las Vegas into the most connected large city in the world. Along the way Patrick Olson joined me on many of these endeavors including the campus and other projects in downtown Las Vegas. Since so much of our work is interlinked, he also made the decision to transition to a contractor for the same reasons I did.

With the heavy design lifting complete and the team in place, Tony and I decided it made sense for me to shift my Zappos position to a contractor role to free up my time to focus on the next big design and entrepreneurial challenges for me: Project 100 and Work In Progress. Rest assured, the Zappos Campus will always be my baby.

So while we are technically leaving our positions at Zappos, we’re still around and working on not only the campus but a number of other things. Technically I’ll be transitioning to CEO of Project 100 (goproject100.com) and Patrick to CEO of Work In Progress (workinprogress.lv).

Our design and construction work remains on-track for our September 9th opening. Now the team’s focus is shifting to opening and operating the new campus for years to come…a responsibility that’s more complicated (and fun) than I ever imagined two years ago. In 2011 we were a team of one and we are an awesome team of more than 20 people focused on development, operations and security of what we know will be an amazing campus experience.

The dynamic duo of Rob Timoshuk and Brad Tomm are taking the lead on campus activation and operations and I’m by their side everyday. Over the last two weeks I’ve been blown away by the team’s performance and feel confident you will be too.

You can still email me at zaware@zappos.com or zach@goproject100.com. And next time you see me in Henderson or Carson, the only difference you’ll see is that I’m wearing a green badge. :-)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me or find me around downtown.



My Mission

I wrote a version of this today and thought it worth sharing.

We are building companies bound together by a common thread of disruption, a relentless focus on execution and an equally relentless focus on company culture.


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