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Scaling #VegasTech – An Experiment

I have the best job in the world. I’m a part of a growing community of people inspiring and empowering even more people to transform downtown Las Vegas into the most community-focused large city in the world.

Any given week we may have more than a dozen people from all over the world visit and get to know the community. On the tech side it means we get the chance to hang out with startup founders, investors and nerds like me.

We share plans for the growth of the community both physically and otherwise. We grab drinks at DCR, perhaps breakfast at The Beat and hang out at the Jelly. But there’s a lot of open space in-between. Open space that would be awesome opportunity to hang out with a Vegas Tech Startup or to give an interesting company a chance to share their ideas with a group at /usr/lib.

Over the past week instead of going on a trip to Costa Rica, I stayed behind to focus on scaling myself and our team. Since our goal is to connect these interesting people to the awesome VegasTech community, asking the tech community for help was a perfect match.

We need your help.

What if instead of making ourselves the hosts for *everything* a visitor experiences, we instead help connect them with the community directly and let magic happen naturally?

So I propose an experiment. I’ve created a Google Group here: http://groups.google.com/group/vtvisits

If you’re someone who is interested in showing off Vegastech to a visiting techie with a drink, a walk around downtown, a jam session at usr/lib or whatever, signup. Ideally we could let the list know when people are visiting and let you figure it out together.

Let’s show off and build our awesome community together!

Update: Fixed the link (oops)

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